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Kingsley Flowers

Do you need the freshest flowers in Kingsley? Give Sarah’s Flowers a call today.

In the Joondalup district of Perth, around 20km north of the CBD, you’ll find the friendly neighbourhood of Kingsley. We’re on hand with fresh and fabulous flowers to punctuate all life’s memorable occasions, adding an exclamation mark to “happy birthday” and the heart emoticon in “I love you”. Our fresh flowers are sourced fresh from the most reputable growers and suppliers. We check every bloom in every bouquet to make sure it’s as fresh and healthy as possible, bursting with the sort of colour and fragrance that is the hallmark of top quality. Not only will your flowers look incredible when they are delivered, they’ll stay looking fantastic for days to the delight of your favoured recipient.

Take a few moments to browse our selection of styles and you will see we have included a stunning array that caters to all preferences, gift giving events, and the amount you wish to spend. Our charming hand-tied bouquets are ideal for those times when you don’t want to go overboard but still need to make a good impression, or when you’re simply looking to indulge in a little floral colour and beauty. The mix of pale pink gerberas, white chrysanthemums, and bright blue irises in Pastel Bouquet is a gorgeous feminine mix that is ideal for your colleague’s birthday, or for saying thanks to your neighbour for looking after your pet while you were on holiday. You can rely on arrangements like Spring Box, Colourful Box, or Outback Classic when a little more floral oomph is required; and when the boat needs to be well and truly pushed out, go for the stunningly colourful Sunset Blend, or the towering and glamorous Lush Lilies. We update our choice of styles regularly to make certain you always get the best flowers of the season when they are their naturally most abundant and plentiful. Whether you’re giving flowers for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or your anniversary, you’ll find just what you need here.

Organising same day flower delivery to Kingsley is the work of moments whether you do it by calling us directly on the number above, ordering online, or using our secure mobile site. We receive regular deliveries of fabulous flowers from the leading suppliers. Our turnover is fast so you never have to worry your bouquet has been made up and left sitting in a cold room for days. Ideally, your flowers will have only been harvested within the last 24 hours so they arrive in pristine condition, ready to burst into the peak of their beauty for you or your chosen recipient to enjoy. Using flowers sourced as recently as possible lets us keep our prices incredibly competitive by avoiding expensive transit costs and ensures our flowers last as long as possible to give you maximum floral bang for your buck. You’ll never question why Sarah’s Flowers is so popular when you see our sumptuous bouquets, so get in touch and let us sort all your flower needs today.

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